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Most Common ICBC Road Test Errors

We often get asked during our Class 5 driving lessons and Class 7 driving lessons what kind of mistakes drivers make during their road tests. We've put together a list to help you ensure you don't make these all too common mistakes:

  • Unsafe lane changes (no signal, not checking mirrors or blind spots, etc)

  • Driving at an incorrect speed (typically too fast in school zones)

  • Improper hand placement on steering wheel

  • Making a rolling stop at stop signs instead of coming to a full and complete stop

  • Improperly scanning intersections

  • Turning right on a red light without coming to a full stop

If you feel you need help in any of these areas, please tell your driving instructor during your road lessons. We now offer Class 5 driving lessons in North Vancouver for your convenience. Do not hesitate to give our North Vancouver driving school a call to get started with your lessons!

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