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Why You Should Invest in Driving Lessons for Your Teen Right Away

We get calls everyday from parents looking to book driving lessons for their children. More often than not, the teens have been driving with their parents for a year, and have their Class 7 road test coming up. While practicing with your teen is great and highly recommended, the issue our Burnaby driving school often sees is that parents pass on their bad habits to their teens while teaching.

What are some bad habits we see?

1) Shoulder checks. Many drivers do not shoulder check, and unfortunately, we see this bad habit passed on to teen drivers while learning from their parents.

2) Not stopping when turning right on a red. A lot of our students do not realize that this equates to running a red light. Remembering to come to a full stop behind the stop line before turning right on a red light is always something we practice with our students.

3) Speeding. In city streets, the speed limit is usually 50 km/hr. As many drivers speed, this is bad habit is often passed on to new drivers.

What we recommend

Invest in driving lessons for your teen before they get behind the wheel with you. Our certified driving school in Burnaby will ensure your teen is taught how to drive safe, and we strive to make sure they do not develop any bad habits. After a few hours with a Burnaby certified driving instructor, your teen should know how to operate and drive in traffic safely. After this, we recommend a minimum of 15-20 minutes of driving practice with a parent every day. It is easier to teach teens to develop these good habits, rather than trying to break the bad habits they have already developed.

To book your teen's first lesson with our driving school in Burnaby, visit our Contact Us page!

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