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Top 3 Cars for Teen Drivers in 2017

Time to start looking for a car for your teen? Our Burnaby professional driving school has put together a list of teen faves when it comes to cars! Our list won't break the bank, and we're sure it'll keep your teen happy.

1) Toyota Corolla

There's a reason our Burnaby driving instructors use Toyota Corollas for their lessons! This sleek and stylish car is great on gas and full of safety features. We recommend it to all of our student drivers!

Esther is very happy with our Corolla!

2) Honda Civic

Much like Toyotas, Hondas keep their value and are great on gas. Honda's line of Civics is a great option for teens. Their sleek appearance is easily mistaken for a luxury car!

3) Mazda 3

Like the cars above, Mazdas are safe and reliable cars, especially for teen drivers. We find the Mazda 3 is the most popular among our students.

During your driving lessons in Burnaby, you'll notice the comfort and safety features of our Toyota Corollas. This is why we depend on them to keep our driving school moving!

To book a driving lesson in Burnaby, visit the Contact Us page of our website or give us a call at 778-889-7167.

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