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Training With our Burnaby Driving School - Why is it Important?

Getting your drivers license is exciting, you finally have the freedom you only dreamed of before - especially for teenagers. No more public transit or begging you parents to take you to a friends house. You are now capable of getting in a car, provided you have access to one, and venturing off to wherever it may be. Before all this can occur, you need to prove to ICBC that you are a safe driver and that you are aware and understanding of all driving rules and regulations.

Your parents or a family friend can teach you, but do they know EVERY single rule there is? We looked into this because we wanted to understand why so many people were failing their road tests 2 and sometimes 3 times in a row. What we found is that taking lessons from someone other than a certified driving instructor is not always the best idea. Sure they are a safe driver and will teach you the best they can, but you need to learn from someone who has had exceptional training and experience and is certified by ICBC themselves. Someone like Gold Star Professional Driving School.

Our students are of various ages and experience levels and we teach each and every one of them thoroughly. This is especially true for our Class 1 driving lessons in Burnaby. We want to eliminate any bad habits and go over every detail that we know will be on your ICBC road lesson.

We are certified and we have the education, expreience and training to ensure you pass your Class 1 road lesson. Our Burnaby driving school is one of the best, and the reason is because we take time to know our students and understand where their strengths and weaknesses are before anything else. We talk to you because we want to design a training plan suitable for you.

Our driving school in Burnaby is commited to your success and your comfort and experience is our top priority. We want you to pass on your first shot, and the way to do that is to train with the best.

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