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 Gold Star Professional Driving School is committed to providing courses that fit every skill level and background, while offering a supportive and comfortable teaching approach. Check out our current course offerings below.


Class 1 - MELT Program


If you are interested in learning how to drive a tractor trailer, or already have a Class 1 license and simply need to brush up on some skills then you have come to the right place. Our ICBC certified instructors will teach you everything you need to know and will allow you to have a hands on experience operating our trucks.

Class 3 - Straight Trucks


Are you considering a career in trucking but don't have a Class 3 license? We can help you! Our packages provide you with an air brake course as well as one-on-one road lessons with an instructor. A Class 3 license is required if you are interested in operating vehicles such as tow trucks, garbage trucks, pumper trucks and more. 

Air Brake Course


Before you can obtain your Class 1 and Class 3 license, you must take a mandatory 16 hour air brake course. This course is offered on weekends or online and is available through many driving schools including our driving school in Burnaby. 

Employment Evaluations & Training


Gold Star Professional Driving School offers pre-employment training for employers who would like to ensure that their current or prospective employees are capable of operating a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently, and reliably. 

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