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Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) Program

What is the MELT Program?

In order to obtain a Class 1 Driver’s License, the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure along with ICBC have introduced the MELT program to increase industry safety and unify training requirements across the province. Completion of an ICBC-approved Class 1 MELT course is now required to attempt a Class 1 Road Test. 


B.C.’s Class 1 MELT program requires 140 total hours and includes more practical behind-the-wheel driving hours, in-yard hours, and theoretical instructional hours. In addition to 93 hours on-highway, in-yard and around the vehicle, B.C. has 47 hours of theoretical and hands-on air brake training. Students are required to complete the B.C. Class 1 MELT course within 12 months from the date of enrolment, although our program can be completed in as little as 6 - 8 weeks.

What will I learn?

During your online theory classes, you will cover a variety of topics pertaining to commercial driving. These include:

  • Vehicle components and systems

  • Air brakes

  • Driving techniques

  • Off-road tasks and manoeuvres

  • Documents, regulations and planning

  • Hours of service

  • Cargo securement and loss prevention

Throughout your 93 hours of practical training, our experienced and dedicated instructors will guide you through city and highway driving, mountain driving, backing, pre- and post-trip inspections, and much more!

Do you have a wait for road tests once I finish my hours?

Our driving school holds weekly ICBC road tests from our yard in Burnaby, so there are no wait times for road tests upon completing the program. When you register for your Class 1 MELT program, you will receive a road test date along with your complete schedule. You'll notice that your very last driving lesson will be the day before your road test— this ensures everything you have learned over the past 6 weeks stays fresh in your mind for your road test!

For more information regarding pricing and scheduling of the program, contact us today! To explore funding options, click HERE.

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