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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I pay for my lessons?

Gold Star is happy to accept any forms of payment, including all major credit cards, cash, Interac (debit) or e-transfer.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! At the time of registration, we require a deposit to hold your spot in the course. The remainder of the balance can be paid in instalments of your choice (ie. every week, every two weeks), however, the balance must be paid in full one week before your road test.

How does scheduling work?

When you register for your course, we will discuss scheduling with you. At Gold Star, we understand many of our students work full- or part-time, so we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to scheduling. Within 24 hours of registering for your course, you will receive your complete training schedule along with your road test date.


What kind of vehicles will I do my training on?

We have a variety of Class 1 and 3 vehicles you can do your training on, including Volvos, Kenworths, Freightliners, and Macks. Our manual trucks are either 13 speed or 18 speed. 

Should I do my training on a manual or automatic transmission?

We get this question a lot, and it really depends on your career goals. For example, Class 3 training in Burnaby for firefighters requires an automatic transmission, however, many other industries such as construction, waste disposal and towing require a manual license. If you're pursing a Class 1 license through the MELT program, you will be required to complete 83 out of the 93 practical hours on a manual transmission as per MELT requirements, regardless of whether you are taking your road test on an automatic or manual transmission. Please note that if you do your road test on an automatic transmission, you will have a restriction on your license prohibiting you from operating manual transmission vehicles.

Why are your classes online?

For your convenience, of course! We find that many of our students work during the day. To prevent students from having to take time off of work for their training, we hold our air brake courses and MELT theory classes online in the evenings. This also allows you to complete the program faster, as you are able to do the theory and practical hours at the same time (ie. practical lesson in the morning, theoretical lesson in the evening).

Do your packages include the use of the vehicle for the road test?

All of our Class 1 and 3 packages include the use of the vehicle of the road test. What you see is what you pay– there are no hidden fees! 

Will you book the road test for me?

Yes, we are able to book Class 1 and 3 road tests for our students. Gold Star is proud to have reserved testing days with ICBC, granted as a result of our high passing rate. Our Burnaby driving school holds ICBC road tests every Thursday at our lot. ICBC sends an examiner to our yard to conduct the road tests, so you'll be taking your road test in the area you've practiced in and there are no long wait times for road tests!

What if I fail my road test?

Not to worry! We will book a new road test for you asap! In the event you fail your road test on the first attempt, Gold Star is happy to provide a second road test along with additional training free of charge. 

Who will be teaching me?

We have a fantastic group of instructors ready to help you tackle your training. All of our instructors are ICBC-certified and come to us with 20+ years of experience in the transportation industry. With a strong focus on driver and road safety, our goal is to produce safe, confident and reliable drivers at Gold Star. Read more about our story HERE!

Can you assist me with finding a job after I complete my training?

Gold Star is proud to have a great relationship with many trucking companies, and we're happy to reach out to them on your behalf when you complete your training!

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