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Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

Nervous about an upcoming road test? Not to worry! We have included some tips to review before the big day.

Preparing for your test:

- Make sure your vehicle is ICBC-approved. We often see drivers arrive to ICBC with their vehicles, only to be turned away because their vehicle does not meet ICBC's safety standard. We recommend you review ICBC's vehicle safety standards before you head out for your test. If you do not have access to a vehicle, you can always call us for a road test car rental in Burnaby.

-Have two pieces of government issued ID ready for your road test

-Ensure you bring enough money to pay ICBC fees

If you feel you need more practice with an ICBC-certified driving instructor, give us a call or visit our website to book driving lessons in Burnaby. We offer one hour road lessons, as well as a variety of packages.

For more important information, you can find ICBC Resources on our website which include manuals for Class 1 driving lessons as well as Class 5 driving lessons.

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