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Class 1 & 3

Driving Commercial Vehicles is an ICBC guide developed specifically for commercial vehicles and air brakes. This guide will help prospective and current students get a feel for commercial vehicles and sharpen their driving skills. It will teach you the basics of driving commercial vehicles and prepare you for your upcoming lessons with our Burnaby driving school. We recommend giving it a read before your first lesson and road test! As you read along, we recommend writing down any questions you have so you can ask your instructor when you arrive for your Class 3 or Class 1 driving lessons in Burnaby.

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Class 5/7

Tuning Up for Drivers is a guide geared towards drivers Class 7 or 7L license. This guide will help new drivers learn the basics of operating a vehicle, including pre-trip inspections, the rules of the road, and highway driving. The last chapter of the guide prepares drivers for their road test, and includes a check list which we find very helpful in passing your Class 5 road test! If you feel you need extra help in certain areas, give our Burnaby driving school a call. This guide is also helpful in preparing new residents for their road test. 

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Ready for your test?

Are you ready for your test? Check out Richmond Public Library's BC Practice Driving Test to begin practicing. Here you can find practice questions to help you prepare for Class 1, 3, 5, and air brake tests. 

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