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How many Driving Lessons do most people need?

The number of driving lessons a person needs is very difficult to predict because there are a lot of variables. There is no answer to this question. However, we do get a lot of students who ask us so we feel we should explain our process and how we determine where we need to start at our Burnaby driving school.

We will focus mainly on Class 1 driving lessons and Class 3 driving lessons in Burnaby because they are more complex and take up more of your time than the other classes.

If you have never driven a tractor trailer in your life and are looking to purchase a package that will help you pass the ICBC Class 1 road test then it is good that you have come to us. Most of our students pass on their first try, in fact, 92% of them did so last year. We get students of all ages, both genders and of all skill levels. We get beginners who have never driven a truck to experienced drivers who moved from Europe and need to learn BC driving laws.

When you first arrive at our Class 1 driving school in Burnaby, we will sit down and discuss your experience and will do a quick assessment to see where you stand. Unlike some of our competitiors, we will not convince you to buy the biggest Class 1 driving package we offer if we feel you don't need it. We will give you our honest and professional opinion on where we think you stand and what package we think would benefit you and help you pass your road test.

Some of our students are not so sure whether they want to purchase even the smallest package right of the bat. It is a big investment and we know it can be difficult to convince yourself that you have chosen the right place to take your lessons.

In order to help you decide, we can start hourly. You can take a one or two hour lesson with us and if you are satisfied and want to jump into the package, we will knock off the price you paid. We want you to feel comfortable knowing you made the right choice!

"Why even choose a package? Why not just take hourly lessons, isn't it the same thing?" Well, you could just pay for 1 hour lessons every time but it is actually cheaper to purchase a package!

Another point we want to mention is the Air Brake Course. This course is 16 hours in length and is offered by our Class 1 driving school and some others. This course is offered on weekends and is a course that must be passed before you are able to begin your Class 1 driving lessons in Burnaby or Class 1 driving lessons in Vancouver. However, we are aware that some of you might have already taken this course through one of the other driving schools but want to take your actual Class 1 driving lessons with our driving school in Burnaby. The packages we offer already include the cost of the air brake course, because most people take it with us. If you have already taken it, you just need to let us know and we will be more than happy to deduct the price you paid for your air brake course off of your total package cost.

We are here to make your learning experience pleasant and safe. Your success and experience with us is in our best interest and we are so happy you are considering our Burnaby driving school.

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