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First Time Driving in a Big City (Vancouver) Tips and Words of Advice

Life in a city like Vancouver has its benefits, there is lots to do, lots to see, and the roads seem endless. You can drive for hours and discover new towns, places and parks.

Young people seem to love packing their cars with friends and hitting the roads on a sunny summer afternoon (or winter). Driving around with your best buds and exploring the city can provide hours of entertainment, especially if you are new to the city. However, there are some things to keep in mind when you take on such an adventure. We will go over some tips to help you stay safe on the road.

1. If you do not have your full Class 5 license, only take as many people as you are permitted.

Often times we see an "N" slapped on the back of a car, yet the vehicle is jam packed with people. This is prohibited and can result in a ticket or even suspension of your license. It isn't worth it. There is a reason New drivers are only allowed one family member and friend: because they do not have the experience.

2. Make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

Common sense right? You would be amazed at how many people figure if they are in the back wedged between two other friends they will be fine. Thing again. At this point it isn't even about getting pulled over...its about your safety.

3. Do not allow yourself to get distracted.

Sunglasses, windows rolled down and music blasting may seem cool to you, but it is distracting. We are not saying drive like a 90 year old grandma, but take it easy with the base. Don't fiddle with your phone to try and find a good song. If you are the driver then you need to drive...eyes ahead, no distractions. Let the co-pilot man the radio.

4. Get to know the roads when they aren't so busy

A city like Vancouver is busy almost all the time. If you are new and unfamiliar with the roads, it might be a good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with the city. There are many one-way streets, bridges and pedestrian cross walks. Why not get up early-ish on a Sunday or venture out late on a Monday so that you can see what is happening around you. No distractions, no friends, just you and your car.

5. Take a lesson with a driving school in Vancouver or take a lesson with a Burnaby Driving School.

Driving schools aren't just there for those who are new to driving. They are there for anyone who needs some extra practice or guidance. Our Burnaby driving school is one of the best and we will gladly venture out to Vancouver with you and show you the city. Our insutrctors will happily take an hour or hour and a half and go wherever you want and they will go over the driving laws in the city so you are aware of how everything works.

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