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Gold Star Professional in 2014

You may have seen the red banner on every page of our website, but it isnt official until we blog about it! We may seem like we are going on and on about nothing but this is a business owners dream, and not just any business owner, but a DRIVING SCHOOL business owner! It isnt about the business it will bring in or the money that will be made but its about the satisfaction of knowing that everything you worked towards and the vision you had years ago has actually become a reality. It is easy to open up a driving school, make a website and slap some logos on a truck but to be one of the BEST and to have students call you and text you thanking you over and over for helping them open a door that has been shut for years is surreal. To be able to share your years of experience and step out of your comfort zone to help others achieve their goals is amazing and we have done it!

We went through each and every record for 2014. We took a look at each and every student who we had the pleasure of teaching at our Burnaby driving school and were curious as to what our passing rate was. We get asked all the time by prospective customers and we finally have an answer: 92%. This percentage is for students who have passed on a first attempt! All of our students pass, some take more tries than others but to have this many students pass on their very first road test is mind blowing and we are thankful to each and every one of you who has worked with us. Our driving school in Burnaby would not be where it is today if it wasn'y for our awesome students.

Thank you!

From all of us at Gold Star Professional Driving School

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