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Father and Driving Instructor

The owner of Gold Star Driving school has two daughters aged 23 and 18. You can safely say he has had his hands full with driving lessons and stress over the years. His oldest was learning how to drive on a Mazda Cx-7 (an SUV) and got into two fender bender accidents. You would think that the daughter of a DRIVING SCHOOL owner would have a perfect driving record but it can happen to any of us. The first accident happened because she forgot to shoulder check and switched lanes to fast and saw the headlight of a pick up truck inches away from her head. The second accident was thankfully not her fault. She was rear ended by a van a couple years ago and it just happened to be a few hours before the departure of a trip to Mexcico with the fam. Talk about luck!

Dusko's younger daughter recently got her Class 7 license and so far has been doing really well. It's hard for Dusko to play both the role of driving instructor and dad while teaching his daughter so safely drive but so far it seems to be working quite well. She has another few months to go before booking her Class 5 road test at ICBC Burnaby and he is proud of her accomplishments. A safe driver is important to Gold Star Professional Driving School which takes pride in teaching its student the proper and secure ways to operate a vehicle.

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