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Biggest Distractions to Teen Drivers

For most teens, passing your Class 7 road test means a license to freedom. However, the instructors at our Burnaby driving school are quick to remind our students of the dangerous distractions teens may have to deal with. Here are some distractions to try and avoid as a new driver:

1) Cell Phones

Even with new distracted driving laws, we see many drivers texting while driving. Teens are often tempted to reply to texts, check social media, and record Snapchats while driving. During our Class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby, our instructors will ensure you are familiar with the distracted driving laws and penalties in BC.

2) Loud Music

Maximum volume seems to be the only way teens will listen to the music. Many new drivers do not realize the hazards of driving with their music blaring. Not only is their focus impaired, but they pose a danger to other drivers. Loud music masks the sounds of honking, sirens, and other important sounds. During your lessons with our driving school in Burnaby, we do not mind listening to the radio during your driving, however, we keep it at a safe volume.

3) Friends

As a Class 7 driver, you are only allowed one passenger (aside from immediate family) while you are driving. After passing your Class 5 road test, you are a full-license driver and can have as many people in your vehicle as seat belts will allow. At this time, piling your friends in the car may seem like a fun idea, however, this is one of the biggest and most dangerous distractions to teen drivers. Oftentimes, teens get excited while driving around with their friends, and this may lead to an unfocused driver.

If you feel you, or your teen, needs a few driving lessons to brush up on their driving skills, give our driving school Burnaby a call at 778-889-7167. We also offer driving lessons in North Vancouver, New Westminster, Vancouver and Port Coquitlam.

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