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Tips for Avoiding Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Many new drivers don't know of the dangers in driving too close to tractor-trailers. Driving in traffic near these massive vehicles poses a number of safety hazards to drivers. Staying alert and focused while driving is the best way to avoid a collision, however, driving near tractor-trailers requires additional precautions. While we teach all of our students taking Class 1 driving lessons in Burnaby how to safely OPERATE an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer, we also teach our students taking Class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby how to safely drive near these trucks.

Here are some of the tips we give our students in our Burnaby driving school:

1) Beware of trucks' blind spots

While all vehicles have blind spots, trucks have much larger blind spots than small cars. The best advice we can give our students is to always leave a space of at least two car lengths when behind or in front of the truck. This way you ensure that the driver of the truck can see you and knows you are there.

2) Try not to drive right beside a truck

Due to their large size, tractor-trailers often have very large blind spots and cannot see small cars that are travelling next to to them. If you need to pass a truck, drive cautiously beside the truck and watch for signals that the driver may be turning into your lane, as they may not see you. If you see them getting too close, do not hesitate to use your horn and give them a warning honk, letting them know you are there.

3) Be cautious when changing lanes

Tractor-trailers are very heavy, and therefore cannot brake as easily. Always take extra caution when changing lanes near trucks as they may not be able to slow down if you cut them off, potentially resulting in a very dangerous collision.

4) Give right-of-way to trucks

Trucks are very large and therefore, much less maneuverable. They take longer to stop, speed up, slow down, and make turns. Due to their size, trucks often make wide turns, so be extra cautious when you see them signal. Yielding to trucks will ensure your safety and leave you collision-free.

The best thing about our Burnaby driving school is that we use the same instructors for our Class 5 lessons as we do for Class 1. Our Class 5 instructors all hold Class 1 licenses, and therefore are able to give you much more information about the safety precautions you should be taking when around trucks. They depend on first-hand experience to teach our students about blind spots and hazards of tractor-trailers.

To book a lesson with our driving school in Burnaby, give us a call! We also offer driving lessons in North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Langley, Delta, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam and Richmond.

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