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Don't Forget Your Seatbelt!

Seatbelts are the most important safety measure we can take as passengers in a vehicle. Seatbelts not only hold you in place on impact, but they also keep you a safe distance away from any deploying airbags. Our driving school in North Vancouver has put together this blog post to encourage all drivers to practice safe driving and ensure all passengers in their vehicle are buckled up.

As per section 220 of the Motor Vehicle Act:

  • A seatbelt assembly includes a pelvic restraint, an upper torso restraint or both.

  • A person must not sell or operate a motor vehicle unless it is equipped with at least two seatbelt assemblies in the front seat.

  • A person must not operate a motor vehicle that has had the seatbelts removed or rendered inoperative.

  • A seatbelt assembly must be worn when a motor vehicle is being operated.

The fine for not wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle, or for allowing a passenger under the age of 16 to not wear a seatbelt while you are operating a vehicle is $167.

Did you know?

  • At 55 km/hr, a person involved in an accident who is not wearing a seatbelt has the same experience as falling from a 3 storey building

  • At 80 km/hr, a person involved in an accident who is not wearing a seatbelt flies forward with 3000 pounds of force - enough to cause serious injury or even death. Those passengers in the backseat are just as vulnerable.

  • Passengers who are not wearing a seatbelt pose a very high risk to other passengers in the vehicle. Drivers and front-seat passengers are at a 5 times greater risk of dying in a car accident if a passenger in the backseat is not wearing a seatbelt.

At our North Vancouver driving school, we require seatbelts to be worn at all times with no exceptions. We hope every driver practices safe driving and always wears their seatbelt!

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