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BC's Graduated Licensing Program

British Columbia's Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is designed to allow new drivers to safely learn the skill of driving, as well as the rules of the road. At 16 years old, potential drivers are able to begin the process of obtaining a drivers license.

Step 1: The Learner's Stage (L)

Once passing the written examination at ICBC, drivers are given a Class 7L drivers license. This means:

  • A Class 5 licensed supervising adult over the age of 25 must be present at all times

  • Only 1 passenger other than the supervisor

  • No driving between midnight and 5:00am

  • Must have an L sign displayed on the rear of the vehicle at all times

  • 0.00% blood alcohol

  • No use of electronic devices

This is often when our students come see us for driving lessons in Burnaby!

Step 2: The Novice Stage (N)

Once you've had your Class 7L drivers license for 12 months, drivers are eligible to take their Class 7 road test. Upon passing the road test, drivers can now drive at any time of day, and are not required to have a supervisor present. However, they must:

  • Display the N sign at all times

  • 0.00% blood alcohol level

  • No use of electronic devices

  • 1-passenger limit; however you can have as many immediate family members as seat belts allow, or more passengers if a Class 5 (or higher) licensed supervising adult over the age of 25 is present

Drivers are required to have their Class 7 for 24 months before they can take their Class 5 road test. A class 5 drivers license is a full-privilege license and all restrictions are now lifted for drivers. Our Burnaby driving school gets many students during the Class 7 stage who are preparing for their Class 5 road test. If you feel you may need some lessons before your road test, do not hesitate to give us a call. We now offer driving lessons in North Vancouver.

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