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Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

It seems that Vancouver is finally beginning to see some winter weather! For some, this means hot chocolate and sledding, but for others it means an increased risk of accidents. Our Burnaby driving instructors have put together a list of their best tips for driving in the snow:

1. Check your tires regularly

We cannot stress enough the importance of safe tires. Having snow tires on your vehicle increases control and traction making them vital for the slippery, icy roads we've had recently. For students purchasing our Class 1 driving packages, every package now includes two hours of extreme driving practical. Here, we will teach you how to apply chains to your tires so you can navigate the slippery roads safely. For those without snow tires, we can only recommend that you check your tire pressure regularly and ensure that your tires are always inflated to the proper PSI, as this can drop during the cold weather.

2. Shovels and ice scrapers

Imagine coming out of the mall after your Christmas shopping only to find your car in a foot of snow. Make sure you have a shovel handy to start free your car from that snow prison! Also, ice scrapers are vital to get that layer of ice off your windshield quickly.

3. Check your antifreeze

Prevent your engine from freezing up! Your antifreeze should be 50% water, and 50% antifreeze. Anything less than 50% antifreeze, and your engine is at an increased risk of freezing during the cold winter months.

We go through these tips and more during our driving lessons in Burnaby. We are excited to announce that we have now expanded and offer driving lessons in North Vancouver. We have a class 5 driving instructor in North Vancouver ready to start driving with you! Give us a call to get started!

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