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Learning To Drive With Your Parents

Learning to drive a car is exciting but can also be very stressful when you first get behind the wheel. Riding in the passenger seat and actually operating the vehicle are two different things and young passengers are not often aware of the skill and focus that the driver must have in order to make it safely between point A and B.

Every driver develops habits such as driving with one hand, eating while driving, forgetting to shoulder check, and making illegal u-turns - to name a few. These habits are common and cannot be avoided no matter what anyone says. However, these habits took years to develop and chances are, when that driver started out, they were a clean slate and had their hands on the 10 and 2 position.

When learning to drive, it is best to go through a driving school for a number of reasons.

1. Develop good habits

As we mentioned above, every driver has developed some unsafe habits. Driving School's like our Burnaby Driving School are here to get you away from those habits and teach you to be a safe driver. Our insutrctors have gone through months of training and have the experience it takes to teach you what you need to know.

2. More focus

Learning to drive from a parent or relative might work out for you, but we find new drivers are often more focused when they know they have a qualified instructor in the passenger seat. Our instructors are fun, yet enforce safe driving to make sure you are safe and comfortable on the road.

3. Driving School's are Insured!

Can you imagine driving with your mom and you accidentally rear end the car in front of you? With us, you dont have to. Well you do, but our insurance covers everything so you wouldn't have to worry about your rate going uo :)

These are a few examples of why driving lessons with a Burnaby professional driving school is a good idea. Our Burnaby driving instructors are qualified and have your best interests at heart.

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