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What is a pre-trip inspection?

A pre trip inspection is an important part of operating a truck, or well, any vehicle. When you get into your car, you put on your seat belt and check your rear view mirrors, side mirrors and sometimes even give the tires a little kick to see how they're holding up. By doing these things, you have conducted a mini pre-trip inspection which is GREAT and highly recommended.

A pre-trip inspection for a truck is a little different because as you have probably noticed, a truck is bigger and more complex than a regular car. In order to have a safe trip, certain checks need to be done to ensure everything is in working order. This is especially important when you are planning to travel farther than just a few miles. Not only will it keep your trip safe, it might even save you a couple thousand bucks! You will notice mechanical failures if any, and be able to fix them right away.

Your Class 1 or Class 3 ICBC Road Test instructor will test you to ensure you know how to do a pre-trip inspection before you get on the road. This will be a piece of cake for you because if you have practiced with us you will have the skill, motivation and confidence it takes to pass.

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