Why Choose Us?


1. We are Professionals


Gold Star Professional Driving School in Burnaby, BC is a licensed and insured Burnaby driving school dedicated to helping people obtain their Class 1 and 3 license. We have a team of professionals who work one on one with our students to teach them how to safely drive and pass their road test.


2. Our prices are competitive


We want to prove that we are the best and the way to do that is to offer appealing prices followed by excellent service. Our customers are treated with respect and our patient and knowledgeable staff make it a priority to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment. We cut out as many costs as we could so that we could offer lower prices. 


3. No Additional Fees


We don't add on any additional charges or fees. The price you see is the price you pay.


4. Flexible Hours


We are aware that many of our students have other commitments such as school, work and families to take care of and we do NOT want to get in the way of that. Although we have set office hours, our instructors are more than willing to offer lessons on the weekends, late evenings and early mornings if needed. You tell us what works for you and we will make it happen!


5. Brand New Vehicles


Our Class 1 and Class 3 students are always wowed by our trucks. They are nice, new, clean and a pleasure to drive. 


6. Money Back Guarantee


We want to make sure you as a customer are satisfied. If you're not happy with us we will refund the remainder of your money.


7. Road Test Practice


Our ICBC Certified instructors are some of the best in Burnaby and the reason for that is because they know EXACTLY what to teach you to help you will pass your road test. They not only have the training and education needed to help you pass but they have decades of experience and knowledge.


8. Payment Plan


If you are interested in purchasing a package but cannot pay all at once, you can pay for half of your package up front and the other half once you have completed half of the lessons in the package. 


9. We accept Credit Cards and Interac!


We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, VISA, MasterCard and Interac (Debit). You don't need to come to our office to pay, we have a portable machine and can take your payment anywhere!


10. No pressure sales!


Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers. Whether you purchase 1 hour or 30, rest assured our commitment and service will be excellent and you will feel satisfied.


11. We have an excellent passing rate


93% of our students pass their ICBC road test on first attempt. This statistic was pulled from 2020 records and we update it every year.


12. Class 1 and 3 - All time is spent on the road


Some driving schools will get you in the seat of a truck and take you to a parking lot where they will have you doing circles. We don't. We find that frustrating and not helpful to your learning process. Once we get the fundamentals down which doesn't take much time at all, we hit the road. The 16 hour air brake course is a classroom portion however, which is to be completed over the weekend. 


13. We help you find a job


If you are interested in entering the trucking industry, our Driving School Burnaby will help you find a job. Our large network and connections in BC are something we put to use in ensuring our students continue their driving journey once they finish with our Driving School in Burnaby.

14. We are family owned

Gold Star Professional Driving School in Burnaby is a family owned driving school, specifically a father and daughter team. We have a strong reputation and we go above and beyond for our students and potential customers. Why? This driving school is more than just a paycheck to us. It is something we put years of hard work and dedication into and watching it grow is something we take a lot of pride in and care about. We could not have gotten to where we are if it wasn't for our wonderful students!