Employment Training

Gold Star Professional Driving School offers pre-employment training for employers who would like to ensure that their current or prospective employees are capable of operating a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently, and reliably. 

Gold Star provides quality and excellence in Class 1 training in Burnaby. We take great pride in our Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program, where we teach our students the specialized skills they need to excel as safe, reliable drivers.

Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program

$12,500 - 250 hour package

16 hour air brake course

100 hours blend of individual study and online courses

20 hours pre-trip inspection

108 hours of road lessons

2 hours extreme driving practical

2 hour pre-employment road test

2 hour ICBC road test

What our program covers:

  • Introduction to the Trucking Industry

  • Customer Service

  • National Safety Code

  • Air Brake Endorsement

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • Vehicle Systems

  • Basic Controls

  • Shifting

  • Backing and Parking

  • Coupling and Uncoupling

  • Visual Search

  • Crossing the Border

  • Canada Labour Code

  • Space Management

  • Speed Management

  • Night Driving

  • Extreme Driving Conditions 

  • Hazard Awareness

  • Emergency Maneuvers

  • Skid Control and Recovery

  • Accident Procedures

  • Sliding Fifth Wheels and Tandem Axles

  • Trip Planning

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Handling Cargo & Cargo Documentation

  • Personal Health & Safety

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Special Rigs (Reefer)

  • Public Relations

  • Employer-Employee Relations

  • Recognizing and Reporting Malfunctions

  • Passive Railway Crossings

  • Log Book Training (Electronic/Non-electronic)

  • Mountain driving

$140 - 1 hour Pre-employment Driver Evaluation

This is a seven-part examination of the candidate's skills:

1. Pre-Trip Inspection and Emergency Equipment

2. Placing Vehicle in Motion and Use of Controls (motor, clutch and transmission, brakes, steering, lights)

3. Coupling and Uncoupling 

4. Backing and Parking (city and road)

5. Slowing and Stopping

6. Operating in Traffic, Passing, and Turning (turning, traffic signals and signs, intersections, grade crossings, passing, speed, courtesy and safety)

7. Special Air Brake Testing (optional)

Once complete, the employer will receive a written evaluation and results of the candidate's road test. 

For a more extensive and in-depth evaluation, we offer our pre-employment driver evaluation in a two hour format ($280).