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Simon O

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Recently started learning how to drive and am a bit nervous around cars in general. Found the instructor was very patient, calm and clear and enjoyed the lessons. The instructor knew all that was required for the class 7 test i was going to take and showed me what would be tested. found it was a great service and would recommend it to friends and family.

Jonah Stjernegaard

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"Gold star professional driving school was school I chose to do my class 1 with after researching every school available for class 1 in lower mainland. They were only school that has integrity. They dont try to force you to do a huge class 1 package like other schools do and they have best price and a super nice truck with a Mercedes engine. They are honest and have the best teachers. I learned from a stand up guy named Bill. He's so good at his job that I passed my class 1 road test and pretrip at Burnaby ICBC first try after only practicing a total of 10 hours with Bill. I would buy the 12 hour package like I did and then try to pass pretrip and road test at ICBC. Worst case u fail, do some more lessons if needed. Bottom line is gold star pro school is best school and best price and I now have incredible future because of Bill and Dusko. Thank you again Bill and Dusko."

Joshua Thiessen

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"Yeah this is probably one of the better driving schools out there. They aren't as big as some of the other guys but boy are they helpful. I purchased a 28 hour package with them and was really impressed with the service. When I originally called and spoke to Ana about whether to go for a bigger package, I was surprised that she didn't try and up sell me. She told me to go for whatever I felt comfortable with and that many students take the 28 hour package and pass. Well, I failed on my first try but took an extra hour lesson with Dusko( the owner) and passed on my second try. He went over every little thing that the examiner at ICBC commented on to ensure my second try would he successful. Thank you Gold Star you're awesome!"



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"Awesome school! Did my class 1 with them. I found them to be extremely helpful and professional and they even gave me a $50 refund because I passed my road test on the first try."


Jatinder Singh

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"I took class 1 with Dusko. Very nice guy and I pass and was very happy with service. I think he one of best guys to do this with. I pay less then anywhere else and he was so flexible with time and let me practice pre trip inspection at no charge. Very good experience!"

Brian Howell

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"Awesome driving school! Did my class one with Dusko he was very professional and I was impressed with his teaching style, very patient and thorough. I would highly recommend Gold Star driving school. Great Find"

Phillip M.

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"Very patient teacher. I had never driven before, and just got my learners license. Dan is easy going and took the time to clearly explain what I was doing wrong and how to improve. I feel like I have a good understanding of how to drive now."


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I wanted to share my learning experience at Gold Star, with the rest of the driving community. The staff took an exemplary approach tailored to my individual driving habits, and concentrated on specific improvement areas that helped me ascertain the knowledge and experience I needed to be successful in acquiring a class 1 driving license, the most sought of accomplishment in the industry. It is with great honour and appreciation that I write about my experience, to share my story, one that may motivate others to take on the challenge, so you too can be boastful in your passion for growth.


It wasn't long ago that I held my Class 5 drivers' license, believing that anything else was out of reach or involved continuous hours of training, only to find myself dedicating time and funding that I did not have. The idea of graduating from the program did not seem very feasible, or angelic, and that's the perception I gathered from many in the industry. This all held true until I had no other options, I procrastinated this moment until it consumed me; I've finally reached the summit of inevitability, and a point of no return. With great despair, I felt I wasn't ready financially, and I took a leap of faith in the name of tenacity. I could not have been steered in a better direction; this is when I first met with Dusko Bilbija, the owner of Gold Star, and the driving instructor Bill. I felt so much convenience when Dusko proposed a free driving class that allowed to recognize if this is exactly what I want to do onwards.


I needed to take action, and I was approached by a friend with a job offer that required a Class 1 driver's license, it was crucial that I got my license within 30 days.


It was only 2 weeks, and for about a third of the going rate, with a driving test to follow, I was exuberant by my graduation, and now holding my class 1! My gratitude to Bill, who has passion and loyalty to the driver profession and who generously shares his experience. This was a biblical moment for me which I hold sacrosanct, and an important milestone in my career!


If you want to kick your career into high gear, and celebrate your milestones, making for a perpetuating exoerience, I would like my story to elicit an unwavering desire to self betterment, invest in your future, build equity in your career and take that next step bolstered by the care team at Gold Star. Let them take you on a 2 week journey, to forever open those closed doors to self-realisation.


Thank you Gold Star, I wish you a prosperous future, filled with many more client stories like my own.





Lucian S

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"I chose to go with the Gold Star driving school for the Class 1 driving license because the price was good and i could find a package that I thought will suit me. It was a very pleasant experience! Dusko, my instructor, was very patient and made me feel relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel. After just 24 hours on the road I passed the ICBC road test from the first try and now I'm ready to hit the road! Thank you, Gold Star!"



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"I thank you for your professional attitude that goes beyond all expectations. Your tips were very helpful,schedule was very flexible,instructions straightforward and exact.It was my pleasure taking classes from you,differently will highly recommend your school"


Dan K

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"Highly recommend it. Dan the owner is a great guy, very patient, professional, and above all else has the success of his students in mind. No hidden fees. Passed my class 1 exam on the very first attempt, thanks to the knowledge and experience of the instructors. Could not ask for a better place to get my training."

Dan K


Anton L

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"I thank you for your professional attitude that goes beyond all expectations. Your tips were very helpful,schedule was very flexible,instructions straightforward and exact.It was my pleasure taking classes from you,differently will highly recommend your school."



Kyle Hillman

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"I would highly recommend Gold Star. They are very helpful and flexible, willing to make lessons work with your schedule and help you get completely ready for your testing. I passed my class 3 first try and gained a lot of confidence in a short time driving with Dusko. Prices are good, truck is nice, people are friendly - all in all a great place!"


Maryana M

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" I had a very pleasant experience with Gold Star Professional Driving School and I can definitely say that I was not disappointed! This is a professional, dedicated, and affordable school that will get you into the driver's seat very fast! I passed my Class 1 driving test the first time-while my husband, who attended another driving school, only got his license on his second try. My instructor was Dusko. He went out of his way to schedule my driving practice based on my availability and that took a lot of pressure off of learning to drive a commercial vehicle. This was a great place to learn how to drive Class 1 vehicles and I would recommended it to anyone with a desire to become a professional driver!"


Steven H

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" Great teachers at Gold Star, super flexible and relaxed honest guys, they care and want you to succeed. Don't waste $5000+ and go to a super expensive training school, I'd recommend you to go to Gold Star. I passed my Class 1 road test first try"


Alex Truong

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" Dusko and Greg were great instructors in helping me get my Class 1. They explained all the proper procedures and techniques and the course material they provided was a great aid in passing my pretrip test. The best part was them working around my busy schedule to fit lessons for me whether it was at night or on weekends."


Anthony S

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" Dusko and Greg are both great instructors. Both of them are extremely patient and are a wealth of information. They managed to work around my busy schedule and taught me all that I needed to know. I started as a total newbie, with no experience . Dusko and Greg are both great instructors. Both of them are extremely patient and are a wealth of information. They managed to work around my busy schedule and taught me all that I needed to know. I started as a total newbie, with no experience driving a manual transmission of any kind, or even in a vehicle larger than a sedan. After training with Dusko and Greg I'm just as comfortable in a tractor and 48' trailer with a 13 speed manual as I am in my own car. I passed my road test on the first try."


Vitaliya Solomina

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" I had only a positive experience with Gold Star! Dusko helped me to believe in myself, thanks to him, I became a confident driver. I started almost as a newbie (I had a foreign driving licence, but I haven't driven for a long time), after lessons with Dusko and Duda I successfully passed class 5 road test! I'm glad I found this school and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!"


Russell Broughton

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" This school was excellent. Goldstar took care of everything for me from a driving lesson package and flexable hours that suited me, to booking me in with an airbrake course and booking my roadtest with icbc. Greg was very good and patient with me and taught me everything i needed to know from pre-trip to downshifting to right turns. i ended my lessons with Dusko who was very friendly and very knowledgable about driving the big rigs and the road. these guys are truly what you call professionals. i enjoyed going to each one of my lessons. i would recommend this school anybody who is interested in getting there class one."


Kan Xu

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" I am currently taking class 1 lessons with them. Instructors are very nice and,professional. They come all the way to help you understand how to drive and every patient with me."


Giles Ching

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" I came to Gold Star with no truck driving experience, and only very basic knowledge of how to drive a manual transmission on a normal vehicle. I had lessons (around 36 hours) with both Dan and Greg, and passed my class 1 road test (& inspection) on my first try. They provided a safe environment for me to make all the mistakes that I needed to make, and never lost their cool. I highly recommend their services.."


Denise Wong

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" I had a very positive experience with Gold Star. I took 10 hours of lessons in preparation for my Class 5 road test and passed on my first attempt. They were very patient, calm and reassuring which helped since I had never driven in Canada before. We sometimes practiced on busy roads around downtown to help me gain confidence in dealing with heavier traffic and new routes, instead of just focusing on road test routes. To me, that shows that they were sincere about training you to be a truly good driver instead of just getting you to pass! "


Jesse Pavlovic

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" With 0 experience behind the wheel I took 4 hours of lessons with Dusko and passed my Class 7 road test on the first run. Great teacher, he was patient and very thorough with everything I had to know. Awesome experience. I would definitely recommend Gold Star to my friends. "


Chris H

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" I came to gold star driving with no driving experience at all.  Dan was patient and very helpful.   After 5-6 lessons with dans help,  I was more confident driving safely. I took my class 7N road test and passed the first time. thanks. "


Darko Lovric

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" I started training at another driving school but wasn't happy with their service and decided to transfer to Gold Star Professional Driving School. What a great decision! Instructor Dusko helped me gain confidence and was always clear, concise and patient with explaining things and answering my questions. 

The school is conveniently located close to skytrain. I passed the test on the first try.

Thank you Gold Star!"


Maciek Kumorek

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"I had to take a class 5 road test to get my license and I do recommend Gold Star for your driving school. 

It was a pleasure to meet Dusko. This man is a star and he prepared me for everthing and I felt comfortable taking the test. I passed at my first attempt. His remarks were insightful and helped me a lot to correct some small mistakes.


Thanks Gold Star!"


Travon Hart

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"Dan was a humours guy and definitely helped me improve my driving. I passed my test!"


Kimmie Nielsen

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"I started taking lessons with Gold Star 3 weeks before my road test. While I had some prior driving experience I needed to refine my skills and tackle parking.

Ana and Dan are both phenomenal instructors who make driving (and parking) easy, safe, and fun. Within 10 minutes of my first lesson starting, Dan had instilled a confidence in me andmy driving abilities. Ana was patient, kind, and an excellent teacher who simplified difficult maneuvers by breaking them down into manageable steps. Thanks to their teaching I passed my road test, first try.

If you're looking for a driving school in Burnaby choose these guys. It's inexpensive and an amazing environment. They'll work their schedules around yours, and teach you how to drive not just pass the test."


Inas Salih

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"Passed my road test from the first time! I had both, Ana and Dan, giving me lessons. I took only 5 lessons and started from 0 with them. Thanks a lot guys! :) "