Class 5 and Class 7

Gold Star Professional Driving School offers Class 5 and Class 7 driving lessons in addition to everything else. If you are a new driver who has never stepped foot in a car, you have come to the right place. Our instructors will teach you everything you need to know and we guarantee you will confident and comfortable every step of the way.


If you already have your Class 7 license and are looking for some extra classes before your Class 5 ICBC road test give us a call! You can take a class or two and we will go over everything you need to know for your road test.

$85 - 1 hour

1 on 1 hour lesson with an ICBC certified instructor. This is great for those who need a quick brush up before a road test or for those who wish to do a trial before committing to a package.


$125 - 1.5 hours

1 on 1 lesson with an ICBC certified instructor. If you feel like an hour is too short and want some extra practice, then this is the option for you!

$480 - 6 hour package (4 lessons x 90 min. each)

​1 on 1 lessons with an ICBC certified instructor. Each lesson is 90 minutes. If you have had practice driving before but want to go over the details and ensure you are ready for your road test then this is a good option for you.


$960 - 12 hour package (8 lessons x 90 min. each)

1 on 1 lessons with an ICBC certified instructor. Each lesson is 90 minutes. For those of you that have never stepped foot in a car, this is the package you are looking for. We start off nice and slow until you get familiar and comfortable with driving and then we will go through everything you need to know. This package may be enough for you or you may feel like you need an extra hour or two. The call is yours!
$1200 - 15 hour package (10 lessons x 90 min. each)
1 on 1 lessons with an ICBC certified instructor. Each lesson is 90 minutes. This package is perfect for those with little to no driving experience. If you feel that the 12 hour package is just not enough, this is the package for you!

$75 - Car Rental for Road Test

Can be added to any of our packages or combined with a single lesson taken at Gold Star Pro. Driving School. Please note that we can only provide the car rental to students of Gold Star Professional Driving School.

$150 - Road Test Package

1-on-1 lesson right before your ICBC road test. We will brush up on everything that will be on the test.

Pick-up and drop-off at either ICBC or Gilmore Skytrain station to ensure we have enough time to go through everything and not waste time in transit. 


We will make sure you get to ICBC 15 minutes before your scheduled road test time to check in. 


We will wait with you and go over everything one more time before the test.


The use of our vehicle for the road test is included (vehicle is as pictured in the image).


This is valid for both Class 5 and Class 7 road tests in Burnaby.

Our Pick-up/Drop-off Zone


Our Burnaby driving school is open 7 days a week. We offer Class 5 lessons on the weekends and evenings. Call us today for more information on how you can get started with your driving lessons.


No experience necessary! In order to attend our driving school in Burnaby all you need is a valid Class 7 or 7L license and we will teach you what you need to know in order to be a safe and secure driver.

Why Choose Our Burnaby Driving School?


Gold Star Professional Driving School is certified and our instructors are experienced. We are a family run business, a father and daughter team and we truly care about our students and the general public when it comes to road safety. For us, taking driving lessons is more than just passing the ICBC road test. We want to teach you to be a safe and confident driver. The majority of our Burnaby Class 5 students are new drivers who have had minimal experience driving a car. We understand how stressful this can be and our first priority is to get you relaxed and confident. We truly care about each and every student we get the pleasure to teach and we want you to know you will be in good hands with our driving school in Burnaby.


Driving a car for the first time can be overwhelming but our instructors always go at a pace you feel comfortable with. Our Burnaby Driving School is one of the most reputable in Burnaby so give us a call and let's get started!


What Does a Typical Lesson Look Like?


A typical lesson for our Class 5 Driving Lessons in Burnaby varies from student to student. We will always begin with an assessment to see where you stand and get an idea of how much experience you have behind the wheel, if any. 


This will help us in creating a personalized plan in order to ensure we cover everything you need to know and focus on weaker spots in order to help you improve as a driver. 


We offer driving lessons in Burnaby during weekdays, evenings and weekends. It all depends on your availability and we will pick you up and drop you off after each lesson if you live in North Burnaby. If you live outside of North Burnaby, we can arrange to meet at Gilmore Skytrain Station.


We Use a Toyota Corolla For Our Lessons


Different Driving Schools in Burnaby operate with different cars, but we use  2016 and 2017 Toyota Corollas for our lessons for many reasons. A couple of these reasons include the following:


1) Economic


There are many driving schools which have fancy cars which they use in hopes of drawing your attention but the price is higher because the cost of maintaining these cars is something they are charging their students for in their pricing. We have found a great car at a low price which we use in order to keep our prices low so that you can get the education you need at an affordable price.


2) Easy to Drive


The Toyota Corolla is small yet big enough to challenge your parking skills in order to help you improve and pass your road test. Parallel parking and reverse parking are a pleasure to do in this compact vehicle!

3) New and Well Maintained

We believe that the condition of our vehicle must be just as good as the expertise of the Instructor providing the lesson. Nobody likes to drive a beat up old car and we make sure of that. Our latest Toyota is a 2017 model and was purchased at the beginning of the year. Our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, power windows and are clean and tidy. We want your one hour lesson to be as pleasant as possible.



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