BC Driving Laws and Regulations

BC Motor Vehicle Act

Knowing the laws and regulations for safely operating a motor vehicle in British Columbia is important. At Gold Star Professional Driving School, we recommend all students taking driving lessons in BC be familiar with British Columbia's Motor Vehicle Act. The Motor Vehicle Act covers a wide range of laws in categories, such as insurance, vehicle impoundment, driving under the influence, yielding to buses, passing other vehicles safely, and many others. To learn more about these laws, we encourage you to explore the links below!

Distracted Driving

Since 2010, amendments to BC's Motor Vehicle Act (sec. 214.2) have prohibited the use of electronic devices (i.e. cellphones) while operating any motor vehicle. At our Burnaby driving school, we strictly enforce these laws and do not allow cellphones to be out during road lessons. Laws regarding the use of electronic devices differ for drivers in the GLP (L and N drivers). To learn more about which devices are prohibited while driving, differences for drivers in the GLP, as well as penalties for distracted driving, please visit the link below.